Welcome to the Shasta College Science Club!

We are the Shasta College Science Club: newly revamped and updated for the new year (2020). While we still have many of the same incredible services as before, we are adding new programs, research opportunities, traveling (perhaps even out of state), and many more listed in the services tab. Overall our goal here at the Science club is to fuel the passion for scientific curiosity, and offer the tools to utilize that curiosity for great things.


We full-heartedly believe in hands-on experimentation and exploration as a key feature of scientific understanding. Because of this, we love taking nature-based trips, including a ranger-guided tour of Whiskey Town lake. We hope that you join us for our next adventures, whether it is camping the night away in the vast woods or spelunking a winding cavern, we look forward to tackling our next journey alongside you!



@ShastaCollege Science Club: 2020

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